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Everything you need for Online Sales
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Easy to use
Easy to Use
Forget complex management interfaces!
We’ve designed a simple and intuitive admin
environment for your eStore management.
Immediate Deployment
It’s so quick to setup that you can launch your
online store by the end of the day! And
our set-up wizard will guide you there.
Free Training & Support
From start-up to scale-up, we will
support your entire eCommerce journey.
Register for our Live Stream training today!
Pay & Deliver
Work and sell in the languages of your choice!
We’ve built-in a variety of languages for both the administration interface and storefront.
Payment Methods
Give your customers the payment options they want.
Our app collection covers direct banking, credit card purchases, payment by installments – and more!
Use market-leading providers for your deliveries!
ShopRoller gives you the shipping options you need to convert customers and keep them coming back.

Apps & Integrations

Marketing & Social
Spread the word about your business!
List your products on marketplaces like, and
let your followers on social media know about it.
Inventory & POS
We have built-in an inventory manager for you – or you can manage your products and point-of-sale with popular business services like ERPLY and Directo.
Data for decision-making is highly valuable.
Track your site and orders to find the product and customer trends which will help you to drive sales!
 Easily reflect the look of your brand, using our in-built design configurator or premium services.
Drive your customers to purchase by using visually striking images!
Join leading brands and expand your reach to sell products both in-store and online.
Demonstrate the power of your products with detailed product descriptions and specifications.
Show off the intricacies of your products with our zoom-enabled images.
Launch your very own brand, like Sünne has. Showcase your personality, style, AND own products!
Admin benefits
Local Functionality
We have built-in a bunch of different apps and settings to make sure you can run your e-shop just the way you need – where you need!
Setup Wizard
Get started with ease! The setup wizard will guide you through the first stages of creating your online store.
Personalisation Tools
Designing your storefront is a breeze! Select a theme and personalise your store to reflect the unique vision of your brand.

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