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Meet a new payment solution, made with the growth of your business in mind. Shoproller offers a seamless, secure and cost effective way to handle all payments, both online and offline.

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Modern payment solutions

Payment solutions

Terminal on phone

Payments app on moblie

Smart terminal

Good for a mobile and static sale point

Payment terminals

Stationary and mobile terminals for a small boutique or a large franchise

Self-service kiosks

All payments with the ERPLY POS self-service system

Online solutions

Online payments

In-browser payments on any device

In-app payment

Let your customer pay in the online store app

Accepting payments

Accepting payments is fast, easy and secure

We offer the best price and quality on the market

Purchase a terminal outright or rent monthly!
Payment terminals can be rented for a minimum of 12 months!

230.00 EUR

Terminal purchase price


Monthly costs

1% + 0.06 EUR

Transaction fee

Why Shoproller Payments?

Top tier payment terminals

New terminals in different sizes fit for any business. The terminals allow quick error fixing, automatic updates and terminal replacement.

Seamless integration with ERPLY systems

Shoproller Payments can be integrated with ERPLY POS- and ERP systems in two minutes, which will guarantee risk free and flawless integration, offering a true “all in one” solution.

Cost effective

Discover how the cheapest transaction fees on the market help you save on each transaction. Shoproller offers the best priced payment solution, that will support the growth of your business without big costs.

User friendly

Our user-friendly software guarantees that you can navigate the platform with ease. Comfortably manage payments with unique analytics.


Shoproller Payments meet the highest international security standards, ensuring your and your client’s safety. We use PCI DSS, PSD2 & SCA and GDPR standard meeting solutions.

All terminals

Tap to Pay iPhone/Android

Contactless payments for smartphones without any additional devices! Suitable for small businesses with mobile sales points and fewer transactions.

20€ month
Verifone P400plus

A countertop terminal with first class design, it is trusty and has loads of functions. Suitable for small to medium sized businesses.

37€ month
Verifone V400cPlus

A countertop terminal with a printer. Sutable for small to medium sized businesses.

21€ month
Castles AMS1

An all in one portable terminal. For small and medium sized businesses that wish to be able to move around with the terminal.

36€ month
Castles S1F2

An all in one portable terminal. For businesses that wish to be able to move around with the terminal.

43€ month
Castles S1E2L

An elegant, resistand and mobile all in one terminal. For businesses that wish to move around with the terminal.